Future Generation Thinking

by | June 14, 2023

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In this “function 3” exploration we look for the value of future-oriented thinking for the SVB. By taking responsibility for our current actions and decisions, we can create a sustainable world for future generations. We want to explore how we can integrate future-oriented thinking into our business strategies so that we can be prepared for changes in technology and market developments in the long term.

It is crucial that possible sustainable alternatives are acceptable, viable and sustainable for all of us in both content and form. If this is not the case, they will not have a chance to be successfully applied in the long run and will not lead to the desired changes we need to create a sustainable future. That is why it is important to give everyone the opportunity to get involved and contribute to defining and developing future perspectives.

What does forward thinking entail?

Future-oriented thinking is an important part of creating a sustainable world. It means taking responsibility for our current actions and decisions so that future generations can live safely and healthily. By focusing on reducing the negative impact we have now, we can create a sustainable future. Let's work together to secure the world of tomorrow for generations to come.

Why is future-oriented thinking important to the SVB?

It is increasingly important to think ahead in today's world, also for the SVB. By looking at the long term, the SVB can prepare for changes in technology and market developments and thus remain successful. This way of thinking also attracts top talent who wants to work for a company that focuses on the future and sustainability. Future-oriented thinking is therefore not a buzzword, but a crucial mindset for any company that wants to continue to grow in the future.

What are we going to investigate?

In this exploration we want to discover how future-oriented thinking can be useful for the SVB. We will prepare sub-questions and examine them during 4 phases of 3 weeks each. We will record our findings in this article. We want to investigate which strategies and approaches can contribute to a future-oriented culture within the SVB and what role forward thinking can play in attracting and retaining employees. We will interview internal and external stakeholders and perhaps organize a think tank. We will share our findings and make recommendations on how the SVB can integrate forward thinking into its business strategies.

If you have valuable contacts to tackle this theme together, we would like to hear from you.

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