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De eerste 0-meting

The first 0 measurement

Novum has been around for 3 years. In these 3 years, we have managed to develop into a successful innovation lab within the Dutch government, in which we now tell ministries how best to innovate within the government. There is a strong sense of team within our lab. And that while in practice we often work solo or in duos on our experiments.

De ervaringen van 3 jaar innovatielab

The experiences of 3 years of innovation lab

Novum's birthday, we are 3 years old!

Probably there is regular talk about innovation in the organization where you work. You probably wouldn't describe your organization as innovative. One way to achieve innovation, which has been used regularly in recent years, is to start an innovation lab. Also 3 years ago we set up an innovation lab at the Social Insurance Bank called Novum. How do you make an innovation lab a success?

Secure Multi-Party Computation

Secure Multi-Party Computation

There are innovative technical solutions to generate the functionality of a shared database without having to reveal the data. One of those solutions is Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC). This 'toolbox' of cryptographic techniques makes it possible for multiple parties to collectively count on data as if they had a shared database. At the same time, they can never see each other's data with mathematical certainty. With this 'toolbox' organizations connect the most sensitive databases securely. This paves the way for all kinds of new products and services that were previously thought impossible. TNO is conducting research with multiple parties into MPC and its applications. In addition to MPC, other privacy enhancing techniques are also being investigated.

Voice gaat het internet veranderen

Voice is going to change the internet

Just talk with the computer. Recently it has been possible with, for example, the Dutch version of Google Assistant. It was presented at the end of 2018. For me, that was the time to explore the voice options for the Sociale Verzekeringsbank. How nice would it be if you could just ask the computer when the child benefit is paid, or how you can apply for AOW?

Het Challenge Canvas

The Challenge Canvas

In the two years that we have existed, and with quite a bit of experience, we have found that coming up with good, innovative solutions to a problem is not the most difficult part of our work at all ... The main challenge is mainly in very precisely and workably defining the problem that requires a solution. A good problem definition is clear and specific, offers solutions for a actually experienced problem, which it is likely to be solved in an innovative way. For this we developed the Challenge Canvas (with download!)

Help jij ons met een Moonshot?

Will you help us with a Moonshot?

We all know the Moonshot “We choose to go to the Moon” by John F. Kennedy who inspired the Americans in 1961 to be the first to put a man on the moon. It was not the first Moonshot and certainly not the last, but perhaps the most famous Moonshot

A Moonshot focuses on ambitious, daring and at the same time realistic social goals. This way of working is popular because it provides a more effective, inspiring and broadly mobilizing approach in the search for solutions to - increasingly urgent - social challenges.

It is a contemporary and increasingly applied way to make progress, with a stronger involvement and co-creating and co-designing role for society.