My Remigration App

My Remigration App

In this project we are developing the first app with which SVB customers can submit an application for our schemes.
The Remigrationbenefit is for people who live in the Netherlands and who want to return to their country of birth. When this is assigned, they receive a monthly benefit from the SVB. Both the customers and our employees experience the application process as complex and lengthy.
Together with customers and the SVB employees of the Remigration department, we investigated what is needed to improve the process. The result is an app that can be used to submit the application.

The Design Sprint

We started with a Design Sprint (explanation: https: // /).
The application form is complex. Many complex questions are asked, including a large number of questions that only apply to a few customers. Of the supporting documents that must be sent, it remains unclear which they are, which means that the correct supporting documents are often missing when submitting applications. Once relocated, it appears to be unclear to the customer how any mutations should be passed on. In other words, concrete points that require a solution ... The bottlenecks were identified and interesting solutions were suggested. We finally decided to prototype an app. During the test with customers, they turned out to be enthusiastic about the solution. The prototype was embraced by the customers and the employees were also happy with it.

Developing the App

The next step is of course to build a Minumum Viable Product (MVP)! The prototype was further developed and, after it was once again validated with real customers, we were ready to build the app. Gillz (in a short time) this app built for us in Mendix. We chose Mendix because it means the possibilities are endless; you can build with it quickly and adjustments can be realized quickly. The first version of the app was then tested again with SVB employees and customers. They remained enthusiastic! The nicest comment was the customer's comment that she immediately called her grandson when she was home. "Grandma has submitted an application herself with an app!"
After a few more development strokes to make the app suitable for being able to go through all legal exceptional situations and handling all required (information) security and security requirements with the SVB, we were ready for the live.

Build - Measure - Learn

The app went live in the Google Play Store at the end of July. Because the procedure for the Apple store is a bit more complex, the live course in the Apple store followed a month later.
When developing the 'my-remigration app' we use the Build-Measure-Learn method from the Lean Startup method. Because all measurable customer ratings can be adjusted directly in our app, there was already a first update in August based on the feedback from the first users. From now on, a build moment has been scheduled with the developer every month, so that we can continue to focus on this.


The MVP period lasts 6 months. During those 6 months we maintain close contact with the Remigration-team. The feedback we receive from them and from customers is used to continually improve the app. We count on having developed an app after 6 months that will give a lot of added customer value. In consultation with the SVB, an assessment is then made as to whether and how the SVB will manage the app.


We have learned great lessons in this process. In future, we will always work with the developer together on one location on our development projects, within a defined period. Together, as a team, building something in one room works much better and the results are clearer faster.
In addition, an important lesson is that an MVP is not your end result. Also for the SVB it took some getting used to: don't think too big, stay small. It is never directly a 10-with-a-grit product, you work towards it step by step. A product that is not 100% perfect can also be put live. As long as the customer stays well helped.
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