The Foreign Portal

by | August 3, 2018 | Experiments

Reading time: 2 minutes
We have the Foreign Portal with SVB customers! The test has run up to 2 times.

Customers who receive a message from the SVB in July asking them to send a life certificate and who live in Greece will receive an invitation to participate in the test with the form.

For people who live outside the Netherlands and receive benefits from the SVB, it is sometimes difficult to apply for a DigiD. This means that these customers cannot arrange matters via My SVB. The Abroad Portal ensures that customers abroad can still digitally communicate with the SVB. They transfer 1 euro from the account number on which they also receive their benefits, and then we can establish their identity.

Customers create a profile in the Abroad Portal and can then upload the completed form and send it digitally. After receiving the form, it is immediately checked by SVB staff. The employee can indicate in the portal whether the form has been completed correctly or if any data is missing.


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