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by | June 3, 2017 | News & Blogs

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All innovative in no time!

Because O&V colleague Jeroen Vonk mailed it so enthusiastically about it, I quickly registered for 'Hack your job' from Novum. And not for a session in July, but immediately the first, on 23 May. It gave me a nice afternoon, new ideas and a coffee maker.

Luuk, scrummaster of the SVB innovation lab Novum, said that his team had just delivered a prototype of a chatbot. That is a kind of 'Steffie'. A digital assistant who can ask you questions if you stay aimlessly on our website for too long, because what you are looking for cannot be found. You type in 'When will I receive child benefit for the first time' and the chatbot will lead you to the answer with some questions.

In our workshop this afternoon we quickly experience how the Novum team works, so that we can participate. It starts with an idea, or call it a challenge. Something you want to solve or improve. In small groups - there are colleagues from Amstelveen departments and from the locations - we make the well-known list of annoyances: from complaints from customers to internal nonsense.

We pass on our complaints to the neighbors, who come up with solutions for it. We solve 'meaningless meetings' with:' If you do not know what the purpose of the consultation is and you do not see your contribution, you will not go! Or if you are already there: "If it is no longer about anything, it does not come to decisions or agreements about who does what, then you take the initiative to complete it!". Yes, yourself yes. Just do it. Be a little brave. Solved! Bonus: according to our enthusiastic workshop leader Mats@professionalrebel.com our managers follow naturally, as long as we lead by example.

Really innovative, our solution, but we have not yet built a prototype. To practice this, we consider a general office theme. I don't tell what it is, otherwise I might ruin it for the upcoming workshops, but it has something to do with coffee. We interview each other about what the problem is and what our wishes are, devise solutions, coordinate them and make the design. We go through the solution with a drawn storyboard to see if we have forgotten anything. With some adjustments we have to make a prototype.

Two craft boxes are available for this. Colleagues spring up, I quit. Already traumatized in my youngest youth, by snoring pedagogically not too responsible teachers: "Are you there again!" if I didn't get the thread in my needle or struggled with breaking jigsaws and crooked modeling mugs. The biggest compliment I received at that time: "Monique is already neatly coloring", I found very doubtful.

Fortunately, I can now get rid of it with a little bit of lead. I draw something and write next to it. You have to be creative! In this way I am developing an app with which we can control Naomi coffee corner goddess from our workplace. And a process by which we can clone Naomi. Dissolved coffee shop! In the meantime, Simon manufactures a fantastic coffee maker made from inverted plastic soup bowls held together by clothespins. I try it out, see how it will work and immediately order the luxury version.

If we can also speed up making the real product in this way and not get stuck in the unfathomable SVB wheels, we will jump ahead!


By: Monique van de Griendt

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