Fail fast, fail often

This does not always go well, some of the plants have died, the balls are too large to sit on and currant buns with mackerel are actually not at all good. That is what we ultimately learn the most from things that are not going well. If something does not go well, then you know that it is not the right way. If something goes well, you don't always have to know why it goes well.

That is why the credo within Novum is 'fail fast, fail often'. If we make many mistakes quickly, we will find out sooner how we can do better. In this way we learn quickly and we arrive faster at the places where we want to go.

In this way we have also been able to make improvements within Novum with regard to our design sprints. We did a research sprint, where we expected that research questions and certain findings would emerge that we could use for an investigation. A design sprint could then emerge to continue working with the results of the research. From this sprint came a large report with all kinds of recommendations, but not the things we wanted to get out of it.

If this had not gone wrong, we would not have realized that we would have had to do this differently and we would have continued to do so in the same way. Of course we would have preferred that good things had come out of the sprint, but now that we have seen this at an early stage, we have also been able to make improvements quickly. After this we did two new design sprints in which someone from Novum was always closely involved. These sprints have provided valuable ideas and solutions.

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