by | 8 August 2019

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A portal for students who are going to study abroad.

Studying abroad entails many administrative burdens. Many organizations are involved, resulting in many rules and paperwork. A solution has been devised in a Design Sprint, StuPa, an online digital student passport. One place where you can not only see what needs to be done, but can also arrange most of it on the spot.

In the first instance, a student portal does not seem to be something the SVB will take care of immediately. DUO and / or Nuffic will be looked at earlier to arrange matters for this student. There is, however, an important component for the SVB, namely the WLZ application. Students who go abroad for study for more than 8 months, or do an internship abroad, must make this request to prevent problems afterwards. These problems are, for example, paying a fine, or getting problems with health insurance if something has to be reimbursed.

To fully understand the SVB side of this story, Ruud van Ooy (team coach WLZ in Amstelveen) is connected as a product owner to put down good user stories in terms of content. Together with Ruud we are now trying to get the affiliated parties to act as 1 government for the student here. In the current situation it is quite difficult to see what you have to arrange before you go abroad, or the students find it a lot of work. As a result, it often happens that a student only applies for his WLZ statement after he has left abroad.

We strongly believe that if things can be arranged in one place, this will have positive consequences for this request. But especially for the student it is much more convenient to be able to arrange everything in 1 place. Organizing such an experiment is also new for us and therefore provides all kinds of insights that we had not encountered before. Partly because of that, we are not yet ready to start construction. We notice that the freedom and the speed that we try to strive for at Novum can sometimes be daunting. In addition, we may also be a little too enthusiastic sometimes, so that there is no extensive substantiation. This ultimately makes it very instructive for us.

Due to the insights gained, the original idea of the portal has to be adjusted. By taking a critical look at their needs together with students, a new form has emerged in which we move towards an MVP that delivers value for everyone.

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